Can You Pass a CIA Spy Exam? - 90% FAIL

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Can You Pass a CIA Spy Exam? - 90% FAIL

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Song title Can You Pass a CIA Spy Exam? - 90% FAIL
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Have you ever wondered if you meet the requirements to become a CIA Spy? Well, take this test in under 5 minutes to find out if you're in the small percentage of the world that is spy-built material!

This test will reflect your knowledge of CIA Spy Agent operations, gadget uses, and general knowledge. This test was given to multiple hundred people, revealing that 90% FAILED the Spy Exam by CIA. How much do you know about spy gadgets and operations? Will You Pass the CIA Spy Recruitment Exam? Could You Be a CIA Spy? Find out in less than 5 minutes!

Fact of the Week! - One Teaspoon of Botulinum Toxin Can Kill More than ONE BILLION Humans!

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