Obsessed Fans Who Went A Little Too Far

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Obsessed Fans Who Went A Little Too Far

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Song title Obsessed Fans Who Went A Little Too Far
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Bizarre Things People Do Behind Closed Doors

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When we were kids, we tended to idolize the people we saw on our television sets and on the big screen at the movie theater. Maybe you tore the posters out of your Tiger Beat magazine to put up on your wall, or maybe you doodled their name on your notebook, but that is likely as far as your fascination went. Not only do some people never grow out of their habit of crushing on celebrities, some people take them way, way too far. We will show you some fans whose appreciation of their favorite stars is borderline terrifying. Some people view tattoos as a work of art, but one fan thought she could use one to get Drake to fall in love with her. After all, who doesn’t enjoy looking at their own name on their beloved’s forehead? Well introduce you to a man who wants to be known as the “male Kim Kardashian” and has had an insane amount of cosmetic procedures to look more like a Kardashian. Changing your appearance certainly shows. . .commitment, but one woman decided she loved Kanye West so much that she would change her own name to Kanye West, because that’s not at all confusing. After lamenting how difficult it is to find a good man nowadays, one woman decided that she would marry her dream man, Robert Pattinson, even if she had to settle for a cardboard cutout version. Nowadays, selfies seem to be the standard celebrity interaction, but we will show you why some celebs refuse to take them because of some fans who went way too far.

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