End Game Music Video HIDDEN MEANINGS EXPLAINED - Taylor Swift

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End Game Music Video HIDDEN MEANINGS EXPLAINED - Taylor Swift

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Song title End Game Music Video HIDDEN MEANINGS EXPLAINED - Taylor Swift
Duration 18:05
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That motorcycle scene I SWEAR has hidden meaning and NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT IT! WHYTHOOO!
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Ahhh I had so much fun making this video for you all! Here is my in depth Decoded of Taylor Swift’s End Game Music Video. I covered basically EVERYYY huge rumor that is out there right now surrounding this video. Including some fake ones made up about John Mayer? Def don’t believe that one…try again tabloids…

So what do you think of the motorcycle scene? I DEFFF think that there’s a bigger meaning as to why that scene is included. FOR SURE.

BUT THE ONE THING I NEED YOUR HELP DECODING…. Is what’s with all the retro technology? How am I the only one to notice that she’s throwing out huge references to old video games and old school electronics? WHATDOESITMEAN?!?! Haha who knows. But I know we’ll have fun discussing it and trying to figure it out!!

Also, high fives for all the Mean Girls fans that watch my videos…I can quote that movie like it’s my jobbb. But actually though. That's one of my favorite quotes of the movie 🤣

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Spread Happiness friends!! xoxo

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