10 Tricky Riddles That Will Drive You Crazy

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10 Tricky Riddles That Will Drive You Crazy

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Song title 10 Tricky Riddles That Will Drive You Crazy
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Stretch your brain a little and check if you can cope with tricky riddles from children's books. These puzzles might seem easy at first, but in fact they are a good test for your logic and critical thinking. Many adults get a brain freeze when they see such brain-teasers for kids. Check if you are smarter than many people who stumbled upon these riddles.

1.Prizefighter -Norma Rockwell
2.Boo Boogie - Dougie Wood
3.Overcome - Ugonna Onyekwe
4.Standing Here - Silent Partner
5. Latin Industries by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Nick and the ladder 0:24
Brian on an uninhabited island 1:05
A meaningless statement 2:25
The Bay of Bengal 3:15
Twisted logic 3:49
Two doors 4:41
Family secret 6:07
The traveling donkey 6:44
T-days 7:27
Door to safety 8:02

-Figure out how Nick fell from a 30-feet ladder and didn’t get hurt
-Help Brian survive on an uninhabited island
-Find the secret of a meaningless statement
-Remember which state is the Bay of Bengal in?
-Understand the twisted logic of a meaningless sequence
-What question should you ask the guards to save your life?
-Guess how two girls could be born at exactly the same moment and not be twins
-Explain how two of the donkey’s legs travel 30 miles and the other two - 31 miles.
-Say four days starting with the letter "T"
-Which of the 3 doors will you choose to survive?

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