Bad Ass Kid #1 - Beyond Scared Straight

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Bad Ass Kid #1 - Beyond Scared Straight

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Song title Bad Ass Kid #1 - Beyond Scared Straight
Duration 3:04
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In this channel: dangerous inmates, beyond scared straight, dangerous prisons, mixed martial arts (martial art), mma girls, lockup extended stay.
You will see the harderst prisons from all around the world but you will see that sometimes the hardest prison is inside their minds.
Prisons are places full of cops and robbers. The penitentiary personnel is highly trained to stop a jailbreak and contain the inmates but they can be as dangerous as some inmates.
Some inmates have a life sentence which in some cases makes them more dangerous.
Some inmates are in lockup, a jail, especially a local one for temporary detention.
Every prison documentary shows the harsh reality that inmates live on a day to day basis. They show life in prison with all the harshest realities of every penitentiary but also the human side of inmates who are struggling to rehabilitate themselves. Since year 2000 prisons became to gain attention through the reality tv shows that surged.

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