Melania Trump won't reveal how she got an Einstein visa

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Melania Trump won't reveal how she got an Einstein visa

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Song title Melania Trump won't reveal how she got an Einstein visa
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President Donald Trump announced on August 9, 2016 at a campaign rally in North Carolina that a press conference would be held in the coming weekend to discuss how his third wife Melania Knaus became an American citizen.That press conference has yet to happen.But a little over a month later, Melania posted a letter from one of her husband's lawyers stating that she had obtained an EB-1 Visa in 2001 and through that was granted citizenship five years later, all on her own accord.This claim has left many puzzled over how Melania would qualify for what has become known as the 'Einstein Visa,' which is reserved for 'persons with extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics.' Melania opted for a tweet rather than a press conference in September 2016, taking to Twitter and declaring: 'I am pleased to include a letter from my immigration attorney which states that with 100% certainty I correctly went through the legal process when arriving in the USA.' The letter, from Michael Wildes, stated that Melania first entered the United States on August 27, 1996 with a visitor visa before being granted an H-1B visa that October which allowed her to do modelling work.Wildes stated that she obtained five of those visas until in March 2001 she successfully applied for and was granted her EB-1 visa.At that time, residents of Slovenia were forced to reapply for the H-1B annually, making the EB-1 a far more convenient option for any 'extraordinary' Slovenians.Melania was just one of six people from her country who was able to obtain an EB-1 back in 2001, making her feat all the more impressive.In order to apply for the EB-1, a foreign-born citizen must 'demonstrate extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics through sustained national or international acclaim.' Applicants must submit evidence to back their claim of 'extraordinary ability' in at least three out of ten criteria, which were outlined in the Immigration Act of 1990.These include receiving nationally or internationally recognized prizes, membership in outstanding achievement organizations, authorship of scholarly articles, commercial success and holding a critical role in distinguished organizations.It is not clear what Melania cited as evidence in her application as she has never spoken about her path to citizenship beyond posting Wildes' letter.Even if that evidence is deemed acceptable, the applicant must then prove they are 'one of that small percentage who have risen to the very top of the field of endeavor' and show sustained acclaim in their field from peers.Two months after the release of the letter it also emerged that Melania was working in the country prior to receiving her H-1B visa, with records showing she took at least 10 jobs between August and October of 1996 while still on a visitor visa.'I came here for my career, and I did so well, I moved here.It never crossed my mind to stay here without papers,' Melania said in the

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