Breaking into peoples homes to test protection dogs

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Breaking into peoples homes to test protection dogs

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Song title Breaking into peoples homes to test protection dogs
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Professional personal protection dog trainer Leighton Oosthuisen, breaks into peoples homes to test their "protection dogs".
See what happens when he attacks a girl living in one home.
Will your dog protect you?

Before you comment:
The tv story was done to show that pet dogs will not protect homes. Hidden cameras were placed inside the homes, and Leighton entered the home in a relaxed calm manner. Yes, Leighton is a professional trainer, with numerous titles and dogs trained, and thirty years of experience. So clearly he could "talk" his way past most dogs.
This was not a scientific evaluation. It was scripted by CBS, to simply show pet dogs will not protect.
However, despite what the egos of many owners may allure to, most breeds will NOT protect an owner or property. Those that believe otherwise can take their dogs to a Schutzhund or French Ring trial, and try it out. There is a reason why LE and the military use Belgian Malinois (Jedi, shown in clip), German Shepherds and occasionally Dutch Shepherds.
For the record, Leighton was not paid for the story; and while he is a professional behaviorist and protection dog trainer, the intent of the story was to educate, not market his training.
Finally, some believe this story educates the criminals in how ineffective some dogs are. The truth is they already know that, more than anyone. However, any dog can be effective - as a deterrent, warning and distraction. And the bad guys know that.

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Breaking into peoples homes to test protection dogs - written by Leighton Oosthuisen data is provided by Youtube.
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