Celebs Who Crossed The Line With Their Fans

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Celebs Who Crossed The Line With Their Fans

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10 Times Famous People Were Caught Red Handed By The Paparazzi

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Getting close to a celebrity means that you’re practically friends with royalty these days. If you want to find yourself some instant fame, get close to a celebrity, or even get in a relationship with them. But, there’s also some baggage that comes along with hanging out with a celebrity. You have to go about privatizing your life as well as be careful of who your friends are. You might even find yourself getting followed by the paparazzi! Take a look at Kate Middleton as an example. She wasn’t born into royalty, but she got close to Prince William. Even when they were just dating, the paparazzi was following her around, much like how they did when Princess Diana was alive. Back then, Kate didn’t have the luxury of having protections. Now that she and William are married, she gets to enjoy security and a bit of privacy. But not all fans get to have that. Even being friends or partying with a celebrity could mean that your personal life becomes an open book for the rest of the world.

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